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Mariah Christie

1/15/2023 New single "Baila Conmigo"

"Peace and love" award as "Best Original Song" at New York Nil Gallery Film Festival January 2023.

11/23/2022 New Single "White Christmas". First positive feedback.
Soon I'll introduce my new single thanks to a Tv in New York specialized in music.
First article of musicalnews
Mariah Christie Artist of the week. Radiolab..CR. 11/18/2022 at 18 (Costa Rica time)
12/4/20222 Interview with an American Radio.
Thanks to radios who are considering "White Christmas" from Spain, France, Uk, Usa.

11/12/2022 "Angel" selected at Arrow Film Festival in Paris.

11/3/2022  Interveiw with Radio Italia 5
On 9/29/2022 she received the award for "Angel" as Finalist (best song) at Canadian Cinematography Awards.

On 9/6/2022 she received award as "Best Original Song" for "Angel" at Fox International Film Festival.

On 9/5/2022 she received the award for "Angel" as Finalist (best song) at Los Angeles Cinematography Awards.

"Angel" received the award as "Best Musical Theme" at "Blastoff Film Festival" in Los Angeles 4/23/2022.

"Angel" selected for "New York Nil Gallery" international festival in New York from 1/7/22 until 1/10/2022

Thanks to all radios who are considering the new single "Angel".

-  10/24/2021 Mariah Christie Special on "True New Music Show" Uk Radio
-  10/15/2021 Interview with Onda Mediana Radio Television Spain and Arco  Tv Hidalgo Mexico
- Vibes Nation Rado Curaçao
- This Way Out Radio Usa
- Izi Radio Haiti
- Radio in Trinidada and Tobago
-  Onda Wantuki Spain
-  Nexus Argentina
- Radio Carolina Usa
- ,,,
-  Radio Stereo Somewhere
-  Radio Lab Costa Rica
-  October onto Hangover Hill Show
-  Playlist on Six International Radio Scotland
-  October interview with Onda Mediana Spain
-  Satellite FM Paris
- Rampage Radio Hawaii
- Radio Monsanto Portugal
-  Rainbow world Radio
-  KJag RADIO  Usa
-  Cujo's Crypt Radio Usa
-  Win Radio Belgium
-  Radio15 Swiss
-  Naturadio Germany
-  Kanaj, Setereo Maya Mexico
-  Channel R Discover Radio Usa
- 9/18/2021 Interview with Radio Mia (Puglia - Italy)
- "Angel" in Spain. Radio Lokura, Radio Aire 1, Onda Wantuki Madrid, 
  Radio Costa Blanca, FM Musical, Stzirratia
-  Prospect  Radio Uk
- Belter Radio Uk
- Life Right Uk
- NRV Radio France
-  Lrdr Radio France
- La Gigante Radio Usa
-  Oldies 98.5 New York
- 9/12/2021 "Angel" on Channel R’s Discover Show (California - Usa)
- 9/12/2021 Webados Radio France
- 9/11/2021 Oakham Rutland Radio 6 pm Uk Radio
-  September 2021 the new single and video of  "Angel" on Videocity Tv
New York.
-  9/11/2021  New single "Angel"
-  September 2021 "My American Secret The Courage to Change", her ebook.

  LIVE :

- 10/15/17 at 1 pm cst interview with Jiggy Jaguar show for my single "Perfect Girl"

- Thanks Radio Six International for programming my new Single "Perfect Girl", in playlist in 2018 too.

- 10/27/2017 one Hour interview with Artist First radio (American Radio)

January 2017 Interviewed for "Top 15" "Teleregione Toscana" TV

Live "Peace and Love"
27th September 2014 Mandir della Pace in Assisi

20th September 2015 Talent Show organized by Casalgrande 
and Radio Bruno

January 12, 2016 interviewed as radio guest for the American program "Jiggy Jaguar Show"

February 8, 2016 interviewed for "Carry on Talk Show"

Magazines - Newspapers:

- New article on the Japanese site

Orlandobands written by Brittany Dyer (2016)

- Sport Vicenza 
- Free Art News

- Italian Magazine "DUEMILA" 

n. 4 April 2014 Matteo Editore

- Gazzetta di Modena

- The Heroine's Journey

- Musicalnews One of the most important Italian music Magazine.

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